Cole Workwear’s NATA Accredited PPE Testing  partner – VicLab Pty Ltd

Indigenous owned and operated, VicLab is one of Australia’s Leading NATA accredited Independent Mechanical Testing Services.  Mechanical testing excellence in the world of PPE, Keeping Australia Safe .

Safety, Fire Fighting and Rescue along with Mining, Textiles, Clothing, Gloves, Life Jackets and footwear. 

VicLab is Australia’s solution for mechanical testing for manufacturing and  product and type testing to Australian Standards and International standards including Industry standards.

Providing unequalled service in the field of mechanical testing for two generations now, VicLab continues to provide the PPE Industry , PFD Industry and Textiles clothing and footwear Industry, along with many others,  with Australia’s leading Independent testing service.

VicLab provides complete type testing for all your products along with service for solutions for all Certification bodies of Australia.

Guided by and Independently NATA accredited ISO 17025 compliant. (ILAC)(MRA)

Dealing with a team with a combined testing experience of over 85 years, VicLab’s Independent testing officers offer results and possible solutions including research and development for your product requirements to Australian, international and Industry standards .

VicLab is committed to providing a consistent, high quality service to the public.

VicLab Pty Ltd is committed to excellence, efficiency and integrity in product testing, with client service unequalled in the Industry.

VicLab will provide a high quality testing, service to all customers with independent, objective and unbiased representation.

VicLab will always listen to its clients and where ever possible will be receptive and adaptive to their needs.


VicLab will ensure the confidentiality of each of its clients is protected by all possible means. 

The laboratory area is not accessible to visiting clients and/or members of the public. 

VicLab is an Internationally recognised testing Laboratory for mechanical and chemical testing.

Established in 1996 after the demise of the previous laboratory for safety footwear closed. It’s lead testing officer and family opened a new 100% Australian family owned and operated Fully independent Laboratory for Australian and Overseas manufacturers, wishing to comply with Australian and International standards in a variety of areas.

VicLab is Australia’s Only NATA accredited Laboratory for Personal Flotation Devices AS 4758 Series ( ISO 12402 series) ( Life Jackets ),  as well as Being Australia’s only NATA Scope accredited Laboratory for Fire-Fighting Apparel to AS/NZS 4824, AS/NZS 4967, AS/NZS 4821, AS/NZS 2161.6

Along With Safety Footwear AS/NZS 2210.3 Series and Many other Australian and International standards

VicLab staff are internationally accredited for testing Leather, Textiles, Rubber and many more products too extensive to mention.

Some areas of note are, United Nations development, DEF AUST specification writing, Standards committee members for an array of areas including Safety, Personal flotation devices, Firefighters apparel and many more.

Working closely with Australia’s Fire-fighters, Marine and Safety Personal protective Industry, VicLab established itself as one of Australia’s’ Leading Independent Laboratory’s for Licence testing to Australian Standards.

Recognised by All of Australia’s Accrediting bodies for certification and many International testing and accrediting bodies, VicLab continues to provide Australia and International clients with a One Stop Testing house for Independent results Unmarred by government grants or privatised funding of any kind.

VicLab offers Australia and the world with a clear unbiased look at exactly how your products are comparing to Australian and International standards.

Always improving and moving into new areas VicLab staff and engineers continue to develop and improve standardised testing for Australia’s safety needs. Should you require a specific test or requirement for your particular field, VicLab’s testing officers are happy to develop your unique individual standard catering for your industry requirement. Having written quality manuals for many of Australia’s leading retailers and Worldwide leaders in safety.  VicLab offers a one stop solution for your Quality manual, in house record keeping and compliance to the relevant Australian and or International standard.

VicLab is currently approved for CE testing in many areas of PPE and recognised by any other ILAC accrediting services around the world, being ISO 17025 accredited with mutual recognition agreements across the world simplifies your CE accreditation requirements allowing you to gain further access for your products.

Batch testing, technical schedule testing, general compliance for Fire-Fighting agencies across Australia and the World, Police and Defence testing. Manufacturer local and International VicLab provides solutions for your needs.

Having Internationally recognised Degrees and Diplomas, VicLab testing staff can accommodate any Expert witness requirement that you may have in Australia or Internationally.

We guarantee fast turnaround on all products within the limit of the test method requirements, generally this is the standards requirements for conditioning and a day for report writing.

VicLab is unequalled worldwide for turnaround time which we are more than happy to prove to you and or your organisation.

From Retroreflective materials, high visibility clothing and protective apparel VicLab provides a one stop shop for all your testing and innovation requirements.