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Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports Association

Cole Workwear proudly supports the Noongar Wellbeing & Sports (NWS) by giving back a % of the profits to the NWS.
The NWS has become recognised and respected as the leading grassroots agency within Noongar Country. The Association aims do develop partnerships that maximise opportunities for Aboriginal Australians residing in Noongar country, to participate in sport and recreation in order to produce health, education, social and cultural benefits for individuals and their respective communities.
Noongar Country is an area approximately 300,000 KM square in size and approximately half of the West Australian Aboriginal population (30,000) reside in this region.
In 2016/17 we have supported & are continuing to support a Young Aboriginal Girls Program:

Young Aboriginal Girls Program

NWS provides a program to young Aboriginal girls and their carers living in the Mirrabooka area of Perth, WA, with the aim of improving; parenting engagement, self-efficacy and wellbeing; cultural respect and pride.

The program involves weekly physical activity sessions; leadership activities; cultural activities for the young girls and occasional excursions/bonding sessions for both the girls and their carers. This program used to be funded by Communities for Children and included cultural dance for the girls, and physical activity and parenting workshops for the carers and any additional funding will support these types of activities again. Please click on the following report on the impact achieved from our sponsorship of the NWS’s Young Aboriginal Girls Program: cole-workwear-sponsorship-of-yag-cultural-excursion-report-oct-2016.

“The girls and their carers had a gorgeous day and at the end the mothers gave a beautiful speech to Sara Riches, NWS Health Promotion Officer to thank Cole Workwear for the continuing support and love she provides to the children.”
Karyn Lisignoli, CEO Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports


  • 20 girls per weekly session
  • 40 sessions delivered per year
  • 4 different cultural excursions/activities for both carers and girls per year

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For more information please visit the NWS website here www.nyoongarsports.com.au

Gordon Cole,
Cole Workwear P/L

Nyoogar Wellbeing & Sport
Nyoogar Wellbeing & Sport

Nyoogar Girls

Part proceeds flow back to the Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports Association.

By sponsoring initiatives such as the Young Aboriginal Girls program, Cole Workwear helps young girls learn about a healthy lifestyle and enjoy physical recreation, Aboriginal dance and other cultural activities. The program also promotes stronger mother-daughter relationships.

Nyoogar Wellbeing & Sport