Boomerang Range FR™

Introducing the Boomerang Range FR™, Cole Workwear's exclusive range of high performance Fire Resistant (FR) workwear.


Designed AND Manufactured by Australians, for Australians.


No one fabric is the best, and each hazard is different. There are many FR fabrics available today that provide excellent FR protection in a number of environments. All branded FR products have a balance of properties, including protection, cost, comfort, appearance, colour selection and wear life. We encourage each customer to select the product that provides the best protection for their specific workplace hazards.

Cole Workwear has chosen Westex UltraSoft® because it believes this fabric covers most customer requirements, and for the following reasons:

  • Affordable: an “Excellent Value Equation” when compared to overseas products
  • Electric Arc protection (Hazard Risk Category 1 & Hazard Risk Category 2)
  • 75-100% extended wear life than some other FR products
  • 5-10 times greater abrasion resistance
  • Lifetime FR Guarantee
  • UltraSoft® finish technology – comfortable to wear straight out of the bag
  • Oeko-Tex 100 class II certified “safe to wear against the skin”
  • Fabric is stocked in Australia and overseas for quick response
  • Variety of weights and colours available
  • Full set of certification reports available on request
  • Market proven performance, 14 years internationally, 10 years in Australia
  • Recommended for industrial laundering up to 74 C
  • 3-way protection against Flash Fire, Electric Arc & Molten metal splash